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It’s good to talk. Improve your communication and productivity whilst reducing overall costs.

At Holker IT we fully understand the need for businesses to get connected fast to make the most of every opportunity.

We deliver telecom solutions that fit the specific needs of our clients and provide the very latest in both traditional VOIP PBX and full software voice solutions.

Fully-hosted Cloud VOIP

Our fully-hosted cloud VOIP systems could be the ideal choice for your business.

Cost Effective

VOIP is very cost effective, due to lower prices for equipment and the need for just one system.

Leave it to us

We host and manage the system for you, carrying out updates, maintenance and adding features/users when required.

No Delay

Up-and-running in a matter of days – an ideal choice for small and start-up businesses or companies with offices in multiple locations.

What happens to a typical call inside businesses?


Average time callers hold before hanging up (seconds)


Average time callers hold


Satisfied Clients

How much money can you save by using VOIP?

Savings on international calls
Savings on
Savings on
Savings on phone bills

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